Ethylene Ripening Technology

Ethylene Ripening Technology

Ethylene Gas (C2H4) is an odourless, colourless gas that exists in nature and is also created by man-made sources. In nature, the largest producers of ethylene are plants and their products (ie fruit, vegetables and flowers). Some of the effects of ethylene are fruit ripening, abscission (thinning), grain germination, activation of dormant buds (potato storage), flower and leaf senescence.

Ethylene is often targeted as the reason for difficulty in breathing in ripening rooms. What can affect some people usually is that:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2) level is produced by the ripening fruit
  • oxygen levels – oxygen is taken in by the ripening fruit


This combination of decreased oxygen levels and increased CO2 levels make breathing difficult and are important reasons for venting the ripening rooms. Ethylene will permeate through cardboard, wood and concrete walls.

The ripening controller provides Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) for automatic monitoring and/or control in ripening and degreening rooms.  It provides on-screen display of environmental conditions, monitors and controls ethylene, CO2, temperature, oxygen, relative humidity and is hydrocarbon responsive.

Additionally it allows remote access and control via the internet or mobile phone for system status, historical data display and setpoint adjustment.

Ethylene Systems

An Australian based company marketing a range of ripening and monitoring systems designed for application in all horticultural, cut flower, fruit marketing and storage distribution centres worldwide.

Cost Effective

We can cost-effectively provide the knowledge, equipment and back up technical service to enhance your individual application

Reliable and Consistent

This platform of consistent control over a wide range of applications has formed the solid base and proven reliability of the robust range of CRSA equipment.


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